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Cues to deception.
Do people behave differently when they are lying compared with when they are telling the truth? The combined results of 1,338 estimates of 158 cues to deception are reported. Results show that inExpand
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The Effects of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review
A review of 39 studies indicated that achievement test scores decline over summer vacation. The results of the 13 most recent studies were combined using meta-analytic procedures. The meta-analysisExpand
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Relationships among attitudes about homework, amount of homework assigned and completed, and student achievement
Students (n = 709), parents, and teachers (n = 82) completed a questionnaire concerning amount of homework assigned by teachers, portion of assignments completed by students, and attitudes aboutExpand
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Relationships between five after-school activities and academic achievement.
Four hundred twenty-four students in Grades 6 through 12 and 1 parent of each completed a questionnaire concerning student participation in 5 types of after-school activities: homework, televisionExpand
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The Accuracy-Confidence Correlation in the Detection of Deception
A meta-analysis was conducted of research on the relation between judges' accuracy at detecting deception and their confidence in their judgments. A total of 18 independent samples revealed anExpand
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Research in the Psychological Laboratory
This article examines the truism that studies from psychological laboratories are low in external validity. Past rational and empirical explorations of this truism found little support for it. AExpand
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A Model of Homework's Influence on the Performance Evaluations of Elementary School Students
Abstract This study was the first to test a model of the influence of homework on classroom performance using a sample of elementary school students. A total of 28 teachers in Grades 2 and 4 tookExpand
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Homework and achievement: Explaining the different strengths of relation at the elementary and secondary school levels
Four explanations were tested for why the correlation between homework and achievement is weaker in elementary school than secondary school. Eighty-two teachers answered questions about theirExpand
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Predictors of Recycling Behavior: An Application of a Modified Health Belief Model1
In an examination of environmentally related behavior, the health belief model (HBM) was applied to the recycling behavior of a random sample of Missouri residents. The results indicated that bothExpand
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Naive theories—knowledge structures with a causal or explanatory component—are examined in terms of initial development, resistance to change, and consequences. Three types of psychological processesExpand
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