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Growth Responses of Bermudagrass to Different Levels of Nutrients in the Culture Medium
Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L.), cv. Arizona Common was studied in a greenhouse to evaluate its growth responses in terms of shoot and root lengths and shoot and root dry weights under differentExpand
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Growth Responses of Selected Warm-Season Turfgrasses under Salt Stress
Use of low quality/saline water for turf irrigation, especially in regions experiencing water shortage is increasing. This imposes more salt stress on turfgrasses which are already under stress inExpand
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Response of Cool Season Turfs when Overseeded on a Putting Green with a History of Rapid Blight Disease
Rapid blight disease is a potentially devastating disease on cool season overseed turfs when irrigated with saline water. A two year test was conducted on a closely mowed Tifgreen bermudagrass turfExpand
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Detection of the rapid blight pathogen Labyrinthula terrestris on non-symptomatic Poa trivialis
Rapid blight is a new disease of cool season turf grasses caused by Labyrinthula terrestris. It is problematic in Arizona and ten other states in cool season turfgrasses at sites with elevatedExpand
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Rotifer Symposium VI
An overview is provided of the results of biochemical investigations performed on the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis. Hydrolytic enzymes (mostly glycosidases and proteinases) from BrachionusExpand
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Evaluation of Timing Applications of Ethephon and Trinexepac-Ethyl for Seed Head Suppression of Poa annua
Seed head production from Poa annua is problematic on winter turfs, whether they are overseeded or not. Flowering culms are unsightly, prevent a uniform surface, and insure a continuous crop of seedsExpand
USGA Distichlis Report University of Arizona Summer 2003
Overseed Home Lawn Variety Trials 2006-2007
Spring transition (from ryegrass to bermudagrass) has been problematic for the last 20 years based on, in part, improved heat tolerance and lower growing cultivars of perennial ryegrass. AnnualExpand
Fairway Bermudagrass Overseed Trials 2007-2008
Overseeding bermudagrass with a cool season grass species is often necessary because of cold temperature dormancy (to bermudagrass) realized in the overwhelmingly large majority of winter seasons.Expand