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Reasoning about linear circuits in sinusoidal steady state
Most of the work on behavior prediction on the field of Qualitative Reasoning has focused on transient behavior and responses to perturbations; very little has been done about systems in steadyExpand
Java Library for Making Graph GUIs
Nowadays, most engineering applications use graphical user interfaces (GUIs); some of them have elements that can be represented as nodes. Examples are circuit theory, power systems, etc. AlthoughExpand
A Graph-based Method to Solve the Economical Dispatch Problem Disregarding Slack Variables
Abstract One of the greatest challenges to confront Nonlinear Programming Problems, it is the selection of the active and non active set of constraints of the system. For this reason manyExpand
Qualitative simulation over two-parameter bifurcation diagrams
This work proposes a qualitative representation for bifurcation diagrams with two varying parameters. We start from a previous defined representation for a single parameter bifurcation diagram andExpand