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The photochemical formation of a titan haze analog. Structural analysis by x-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopy
The photochemical flow reactor (D.W. Clarke et al., 2000, Icarus 147, 282–291) has been modified to minimize the incorporation of oxygen and other impurities in the photoproducts. A mixture of gasesExpand
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Charge correction of the binding energy scale in XPS analysis of polymers using surface deposition of PDMS
A method is described for correcting the binding energy scale for specimen charging that occurs during XPS analysis of insulating samples. A small quantity of polymeric poly (dimethyl silicone)Expand
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Interfacial reactions at copper surfaces coated with polymer films
Polymeric coatings on copper surfaces are known to degrade at a faster rate than identical materials on other metals such as aluminum, particularly during thermal aging. We have studied theExpand
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Studies on metal/benzocyclobutene (BCB) interface and adhesion
Interfacial characteristics such as chemical reaction, metal diffusion, and morphology were investigated for Cu/BCB, Cr/BCB and Ti/BCB structures. Using Auger and XPS depth profiling, the formationExpand
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Multitechnique depth profiling of small molecules in polymeric matrixes
Approche multitechnique pour determiner la distribution en profondeur d'une petite molecule appliquee localement en fonction d'un chauffage subsequent. La molecule, l'hydroxy-2 (dodecyloxy)-4Expand
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Surface studies of polyether–polyester copolymers and blends
The surface composition and morphology of a series of thermoplastic elastomers based on polyester (PBT)–polyether (PPG) copolymers have been studied using x‐ray photospectroscopy (XPS) and staticExpand
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Titan's atmospheric chemistry: Photolysis of gas mixtures containing hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide at 185 and 254 nm
Abstract The formation of organic compounds in the atmosphere of Titan is an ongoing process of the generation of complex organics from the simplest hydrocarbon, methane. Solar radiation andExpand
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Characterization of PdCl2/SnCl2 metallization catalysts on a polyetherimide surface by XPS and RBS
A metallization catalyst (based on the PdCl2/SnCl2 system) adsorbed on polyetherimide surfaces was characterized by x-ray photo-electron spectroscopy (XPS), Rutherford back scattering (RBS) andExpand
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Polycarbonate Spin Cast Films by XPS
A spin cast film of poly(bisphenol-A carbonate) was analyzed by XPS using monochromatic Al Kα excitation. The measured atomic composition closely matched the expected stoichiometry of the polymer.Expand
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Interfacial reactions at copper surfaces coated with polyimide films prepared from poly(amide–acid) precursors
Thin films of polyimide were prepared by spin coating the poly(amide–acid) precursor onto copper and aluminum substrates, followed by the usual heat treatment to promote imidization (curing) of theExpand
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