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Numeral recognition using curvelet transform
This paper proposes the performance of two new algorithms for digit recognition. Expand
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Solving Nonlinear Least Squares Problems with B-Spline Functions
In this paper a new method for solving nonlinear least squares problems is presented. Ordinary least squares methods for solving these problems with linear methods, like polynomials and trigonometricExpand
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Comparison of Spectral and Differential Quadrature Methods for Solving the Burger-Huxley Equation
In this paper, the Burger-Huxley equation is solved by two methods: Spectral method and Differential Quadrature Method (DQM). The Chebyshev-Gauss-Lobatto point distribution is utilized in spectralExpand
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A numerical method for solving Volterra and Fredholm integral equations using homotopy analysis method
Homotopy  Analysis Method (HAM) and Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) is known to  be two powerful tools  for solving many functional  equations such as ordinary  and partial differential   andExpand
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A Generalized FDM for solving the Poisson’s Equation on 3D Irregular Domains
In this paper a new method for solving the Poisson's equation with Dirichlet conditions on irregular domains is presented. For this purpose a generalized finite differences method is applied forExpand
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Numerical Solution of Deformation Equations in Homotopy Analysis Method
In this paper, we consider the homtopy analysis method (HAM) for solving nonlinear ordinary differential equation with boundary conditions. The partial sum of solution series is determined usingExpand
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Solving Non-Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems By Variational Iteration Method
In this article, we give an analytical approximate solution for  non-linear quadratic optimal control problems using the variational  iteration method (VIM). First by means of the Pontryaginâ maximumExpand
Two Numerical Methods for Simulation of in Vitro Human Tumor Cell Population Kinetics
In this paper a mathematical model of tumor cell population kinetics is studied. The model consists of five partial differential equations that describe the population kinetics of human tumor cell inExpand
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A Fast Fourier Method for Solving Helmholtz Equation for Surface Reconstruction and 3D Active Contour
In this paper a Fast Fourier transform is applied to solve Helmholtz equation which arises in 3D surface reconstruction and 3D active contour.The Helmholtz equation is obtained using minimizationExpand