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Recurrence Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Baby Siblings Research Consortium Study
The sibling recurrence rate of ASD is higher than suggested by previous estimates, and the size of the current sample and prospective nature of data collection minimized many limitations of previous studies ofibling recurrence. Expand
Developing language in a developing body: the relationship between motor development and language development.
  • J. Iverson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of child language
  • 1 March 2010
It is argued that motor acquisitions provide infants with an opportunity to practice skills relevant to language acquisition before they are needed for that purpose; and that the emergence of new motor skills changes infants' experience with objects and people in ways that are relevant for both general communicative development and the acquisition of language. Expand
Gesture Paves the Way for Language Development
Examination of children making the transition from single words to two-word combinations found that gesture had a tight relation to the children's lexical and syntactic development. Expand
Clinical Assessment and Management of Toddlers With Suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder: Insights From Studies of High-Risk Infants
A comprehensive review of findings from recent studies on the early development of children with autism spectrum disorders is provided, summarizing current knowledge on early signs of autism Spectrum disorders, the screening properties of early detection tools, and current best practice for diagnostic assessment before 2 years of age. Expand
From communication to language in two modalities
This study explores the interplay between gestures and words in the early vocabularies of 12 normally developing Italian children at 16 and 20 months of age. Focusing on spontaneous production ofExpand
Gesturing in mother-child interactions *
Numerous studies have indicated that when adults interact with very young children, they modify their speech in a consistent fashion. Although the characteristics of these modifications have beenExpand
Gestures and words during the transition to two-word speech.
This study explores the communicative use of the gestural and vocal modalities by normally developing Italian children during the transition from one- to two-word speech. We analysed the spontaneousExpand
Studying the Emergence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in High-risk Infants: Methodological and Practical Issues
This paper outlines several of these challenges, including those related to sampling, measurement and clinical implications, and suggests possible design and implementation strategies to address these various challenges, based on current research efforts in the field and previous studies involving high-risk populations. Expand
Variation in Vocal-Motor Development in Infant Siblings of Children with Autism
Infant Siblings were delayed in the onset of early developmental milestones and spent significantly less time in a greater number of postures, suggestive of relative postural instability; and they were highly likely to exhibit delayed language development at 18 months. Expand
Beyond autism: a baby siblings research consortium study of high-risk children at three years of age.
This empirically derived characterization of an early-emerging pattern of difficulties in a minority of 3-year-old HR siblings suggests the importance of developmental surveillance and early intervention for these children. Expand