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Induction of preovulatory luteinizing hormone surge and prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist.
OBJECTIVE To use gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) instead of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to induce oocyte maturation for in vitro fertilization (IVF). DESIGN Pituitary andExpand
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Heart rate and blood pressure responses to umbilical cord compression in fetal lambs with special reference to the mechanism of variable deceleration.
We examined heart rate and blood pressure responses to umbilical cord compression in fetal lambs. Fetal heart rate (FHR) responses resembling variable deceleration occurred only after umbilical bloodExpand
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Effects of cord compression on fetal blood flow distribution and O2 delivery.
We used the radionuclide microsphere technique in nine fetal lambs to examine the effect of partial cord compression on distribution of cardiac output and O2 delivery to fetal organs and venous flowExpand
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Changes in uterine blood flow during human pregnancy.
A transvaginal duplex Doppler ultrasonography system was used to measure blood flow characteristics in the ascending uterine artery before and during pregnancy. The system uses a 5 MHz DopplerExpand
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Hepatic oxygen and glucose metabolism in the fetal lamb. Response to hypoxia.
Although the fetal liver is an active metabolic organ, its oxygen and glucose requirements have not previously been described. We measured hepatic blood flows and the oxygen and glucose differencesExpand
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The effect of reducing umbilical blood flow on fetal oxygenation.
To assess the effect of various degrees of umbilical cord compression on fetal oxygenation, we instrumented fetal lambs at 120 to 128 days' gestation. An electromagnetic flow transducer was placedExpand
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Plasma prorenin response to human chorionic gonadotropin in ovarian-hyperstimulated women: correlation with the number of ovarian follicles and steroid hormone concentrations.
Plasma prorenin and active renin were measured before and after human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) administration in two groups of patients undergoing ovarian stimulation for 4-6 days withExpand
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The mechanism of late deceleration of the heart rate and its relationship to oxygenation in normoxemic and chronically hypoxemic fetal lambs
The responses of fetal heart rate and blood pressure to a transient reduction in uterine blood flow were studied in normoxemic and chronically hypoxemic lambs. In normoxemic fetuses, a reduction inExpand
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Differentiation In Vivo of Cardiac Committed Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Postmyocardial Infarcted Rats
Human embryonic stem (HES) cells can give rise to cardiomyocytes in vitro. However, whether undifferentiated HES cells also feature a myocardial regenerative capacity after in vivo engraftment hasExpand
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Denervation of arterial chemoreceptors and baroreceptors in fetal lambs in utero.
Arterial baroreceptors and chemoreceptors were denervated in eight fetal lambs in utero. Carotid sinus and carotid body denervation was accomplished by stripping the carotid artery rostral and caudalExpand
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