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Using Meta-Objects to Support Optimisation in the Apertos Operating System
The Apertos OS has explored the use of the meta-object model and reflection as a means to build highly flexible operating systems. Expand
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An analysis of IPv6 anycast
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Adaptive Operating System Design using Reflection
We have explored the use of meta-objects and reflection as a means to write adaptable system software. Expand
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SCONE: using concurrent objects for low-level operating system programming
This paper proposes a methodology for making low-level system code of operating systems be replaceable at runtime. Expand
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IPv4-Mapped Addresses on the Wire Considered Harmful
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Concurrent Object-Oriented Device Driver Programming in Apertos Operating System
This paper proposes a new approach of implementing low-level OS components, especially device drivers, as independent concurrent objects. Expand
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Requirements for IPv6 dialup PPP operation
Overview of OpenDIOSA implementation for distributed object executing
This paper describes the functions and implementation technology of OpenDIOSA which enables high performance and high reliability for large-scale distributed systems based on CORBA architecture by multi-process control. Expand
Object-Oriented Device Driver Programming
This paper proposes a methodology for making device drivers completely re-con gurable, by introducing objectoriented re ective programming into the low-level system structures of operating systems. Expand
A new software architecture for evolvable multimedia software
This paper describes the Micro Virtual Machine and the operating system interface that Sony has designed and implemented for Sony's future products such as set top boxes and servers for the delivery of on-line multimedia services. Expand
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