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The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall, 1477-1806
The 'Dutch Golden Age', the age of Grotius, Spinoza, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and a host of other renowned artists and writers was also remarkable for its immense impact in the spheres of commerce,Expand
Dutch primacy in world trade, 1585-1740
Introduction The origins of Dutch world-trade hegemony The breakthrough to world primacy, 1590-1609 The Twelve Years' Truce, 1609-1621 The Dutch and the crisis of the world economy, 1621-1647 TheExpand
On the prophets
Prophets have been concerned with fundamental changes in human society. They understood a great deal about change and they offered an alternative perception of reality. The Old Testament mentionsExpand
European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750
Preface to the third edition Preface to the first edition Abbreviations Introduction 1 Exodus from the West 2 Turning-Point (1570-1600) 3 Consolidation (1600-1620) 4 Jewish Culture (1550-1650) 5 TheExpand
A Revolution of the Mind: Radical Enlightenment and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Democracy
Democracy, free thought and expression, religious tolerance, individual liberty, political self-determination of peoples, sexual and racial equality--these values have firmly entered the mainstreamExpand
Enlightenment! Which Enlightenment?
Enlightenment! Which Enlightenment? Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment, 4 vols., editor in chief Alan Charles Kors; eds. Roger L. Emerson, Lynn Hunt, Anthony J. La Vopa, Jacques Le Brun, Jeremy D.Expand