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Successful pregnancy after bilateral internal iliac artery ligation monitored by color Doppler imaging
Ligation of the internal iliac (hypogastric) arteries can be a life‐saving procedure in cases of severe hemorrhage from pelvic viscera. In young women it is the only way to preserve fertility whenExpand
Clinical and histologic studies on electrogalvanically induced oral white lesions.
Among 1,128 patients with oral leukoplakia and 326 patients included in long-term follow-up studies, thirty-two patients showed lesions of the oral mucosa which could be attributed to electrogalvanism, and in five cases malignant transformation developed. Expand
The Role of Electrical Potential Differences in the Etiology of Chronic Diseases of the Oral Mucosa
The aim of this investigation was to ascertain whether a certain connection could be established between the incidence of chronic inflammation of the oral mucosa, its subsequent healing, and the grade of electrical potential differences. Expand
A rare case of benign synovialoma of the mandibular joint
In a survey of the Hungarian and foreign literature, no synovialoma of the mandibular joint has been encountered, and the tumor's occurrence in this region can be regarded as rare. Expand
Recurrent mandibular myxoma: report of case.
Spontaneous bilateral cornual uterine dehiscence early in the second trimester after bilateral laparoscopic salpingectomy and in-vitro fertilization: case report.
A bilateral cornual uterine dehiscence is reported, which occurred 14 weeks after in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in a patient having a medical history of previous bilateral salpingectomy viaExpand
Successful enucleation of a necrotizing fibroid causing oligohydramnios and fetal postural deformity in the 25th week of gestation. A case report.
The medical literature generally agrees upon conservative therapy; however, there are indications for laparotomy performed during the course of pregnancy complicated by a fibroid, in this case the fetal postural deformity, retardation in development and oligohydramnios, recognized preoperatively, provided indications for Laparotomy. Expand
[Recurrent mandibular myxoma].
[Sturge-Weber-Thoma syndrome, a case report].
Twin delivery after myomectomy, in vitro fertilization, and embryo reduction in an infertile woman.
A 28-year-old patient had metroplasty performed because of necrosis of a uterine fibroid. During follow-up, the left adnexa were removed because of a recurrent left ovarian cyst. The tripletExpand