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Uncertainty in Simulating Wheat Yields Under Climate Change
Projections of climate change impacts on crop yields are inherently uncertain(1). Uncertainty is often quantified when projecting future greenhouse gas emissions and their influence on climate(2).
Barometric Process Separation: New Method for Quantifying Nitrification, Denitrification, and Nitrous Oxide Sources in Soils
A method, Barometric Process Separation (BaPS), was developed for the quantification of gross nitrification rates and denitrification rates in oxic soil using intact soil cores incubated in an
A regional-scale study on the crop uptake of cadmium from sandy soils: measurement and modeling.
To investigate the uptake of Cd by crops from soils within the wastewater irrigation area of Braunschweig (Germany) and to develop a simple process-oriented model that is suited to predict Cd uptake at the regional scale, this model assumes that uptake is proportional to mass flow, the product of water transpired, Cd concentration in soil solution, and a plant-specific empirical parameter.
Microbial uptake of low‐molecular‐weight organic substances out‐competes sorption in soil
Low‐molecular‐weight organic substances (LMWOS) such as amino acids, sugars and carboxylates, are rapidly turned over in soil. Despite their importance, it remains unknown how the competition between
Monitoring and risk assessment of pesticides in a tropical river of an agricultural watershed in northern Thailand
It is shown that pesticide contamination of surface waters is an environmental issue in the Mae Sa watershed and that measures need to be undertaken to reduce the loss of pesticides from soil to surface waters.
Multimodel ensembles of wheat growth: many models are better than one
It is concluded that multimodel ensembles can be used to create new estimators with improved accuracy and consistency in simulating growth dynamics, and argued that these results are applicable to other crop species, and hypothesize that they apply more generally to ecological system models.