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Ultrastructure of Non-Articulated Laticifers in Allamanda violacea
Description des changements dans l'ultrastructure survenant pendant la differenciation des laticiferes non articules pendant the differenciès non articule. Expand
Studies in the secretory glands of Hiptage sericea (Malpighiaceae)
Hiptage sericea is shown to possess both lipophilic glands and extrafloral nectaries and the occurrence and function of the glands are discussed. Expand
Epidermal Structure and Ontogeny of Stomata in some Verbenaceae
The present paper deals with epidermal structure and development of stomata in 14 species of Verbenaceae, finding that the development of anomocyticStomata is perigenous, while that of others is mesogenous or syndetocheilic type. Expand
Studies on the Trichomes of Some Euphorbiaceae
Inclusion of the genus Bridelia under the tribe Phyllantheae and exclusion of Dalechampia and Tragia from Acalypheae and placing in a separate subtribe Plukenetieae by Bentham & Hooker seems to be justified on the basis of trichome studies. Expand
Epidermal structure and development of stomata in some Polygonaceae
Epidermal structure and development of stomata are described in 15 species of the Polygonaceae, which contain druses of calcium oxalate and six types of glandular, non-glandular trichomes and extra-floral nectaries are observed. Expand
Studies on the trichomes of some Oleaceae, structure and ontogeny
Some twelve types of trichomes are described for four species of Jasminum and Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L and seem to be quite natural in the family Oleaceae. Expand
Leaf Architecture of Some Monocotyledons with Reticulate Venation
Description de l'architecture des feuilles a nervures reticulees de 12 especes appartenant a 7 familles de Monocotyledones