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Why Respecting Physical Integrity Rights Reduces Terrorism
Does respect for human rights check or promote terrorism? This question is hotly debated within policy circles. Some hold that restricting human rights is a necessary if unfortunate cost ofExpand
Political Exclusion, Oil, and Ethnic Armed Conflict
Why do members of some ethnic groups rebel against the state? One approach holds that groups subject to exclusion from national politics engage in armed conflict. We theorize that the presence ofExpand
Transnational Terror and Human Rights
Do terrorist attacks by transnational groups lead governments to restrict human rights? Conventional wisdom holds that governments restrict rights to forestall additional attacks, to more effectivelyExpand
Who Tortures the Terrorists? Transnational Terrorism and Military Torture
Do governments respond to terrorism with torture? Although governments face incentives to increase torture in response to terrorist attacks, previous research finds no relationship between terror andExpand
Intelligence-Sharing in the European Union: Institutions are Not Enough
The European Union (EU) has developed three institutions to facilitate intelligencesharing between its Member States: the Berne Group, Europol and the European Union Military Staff. TheseExpand
Political bases of macroeconomic adjustment: evidence from the Italian experience
This article tests political explanations of policy adjustment to macroeconomic imbalances against the Italian experience since the late 1970s. After describing Italian governments' attempts toExpand
Do Drone Strikes Degrade Al Qaeda? Evidence From Propaganda Output
The United States has used unmanned, aerial vehicles—drones—to launch attacks on militants associated with Al Qaeda and other violent groups based in Pakistan. The goal is to degrade the target'sExpand
Precision Weapons, Civilian Casualties, and Support for the Use of Force
Precision weapons such as drones have become important elements of the military strategies of the United States and other countries. How does the use of precision weapons influence public support forExpand
Political accountability and autonomous weapons
Autonomous weapons would have the capacity to select and attack targets without direct human input. One important objection to the introduction of such weapons is that they will make it moreExpand