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Biosorption Potentiality of Living Aspergillus niger Tiegh in Removing Heavy Metal from Aqueous Solution
ABSTRACT The species of Aspergillus niger Tiegh isolated from estuarine sediments has been studied for tolerance to heavy metals such as Hg and Pb and for its capacities to uptake metals. A. nigerExpand
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Biosorption of mercury and lead by dried Aspergillus niger Tiegh. isolated from estuarine sediments
The sorption of Hg and Pb from mono‐metal and bi‐metal solution under different concentrations (20ppm–80ppm) was studied using dried Aspergillus niger biomass. The biosorption of Hg and Pb from theExpand
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Enhancement of pyrene degradation efficacy of Synechocystis sp., by construction of an artificial microalgal-bacterial consortium
Abstract This study was carried out to investigate the ability of microalgae Synechocystis sp. to high molecular weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon pyrene (PYR) and artificialExpand
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Enzymatic Evaluation During Biodegradation of Kerosene and Diesel by Locally Isolated Fungi from Petroleum-Contaminated Soils of Western India
The current study suggests that the fungal isolates P. decumbens PDX7, P. janthinellum SDX7, and A. terreus PKX4 degraded kerosene by 95%, 96%, and 75% and diesel by 79%, 75%, and 70% after 16 daysExpand
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Evidences showing 2,4-D ethyl ester and pencycuron-induced DNA damage in cyanobacteria and detection by PCR
The impact of 2,4-D ethyl ester and pencycuron in inducing DNA damage in three species of cyanobacteria-Anabaena fertilissima, Aulosira fertilissima, and Westiellopsis prolifica as evidenced byExpand
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Deep insights into carbohydrate metabolism in the rumen of Mehsani buffalo at different diet treatments
Ruminants are known to harbour a vast and diverse microbial community that functions in utilizing the fibrous and starchy feedstuffs. The microbial fermentation of fibrous and starchy feed is carriedExpand
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Chronic Response of Three Different Cyanobacterial Species on Growth, Pigment, and Metabolic Variations to the High Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon – Pyrene
A study was carried out to investigate the chronic response of three different cyanobacterial species namely Anabaena fertilissima, Synechocystis sp., and Nostoc muscorum to Pyrene, a high molecularExpand
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Exploring diet-dependent shifts in methanogen and methanotroph diversity in the rumen of Mehsani buffalo by a metagenomics approach
In this study, metagenomics was applied to characterize microbial communities, specifically methanogens and methanotrophs, and to discover their functional activities under two different dietaryExpand
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Chlorobenzyl Cyclopentyl-3-phenylurea Effects on Heterocystous Filamentous Cyanobacteria Westielliopsis prolifica Janet
An extensive usage of fungicides in various tropical and subtropical countries to control various fungal infections adversely affects the growth of microflora, including cyanobacteria. Toxic effectExpand
Chronic toxicity of a triazole fungicide tebuconazole on the growth and metabolic activities of heterocystous, nitrogen-fixing paddy field cyanobacterium, Westiellopsis prolifica Janet.
This study explored the chronic and harmful effects of different doses of the triazole fungicide, tebuconazole, on the growth, and metabolic and enzymatic variations in the filamentous paddy fieldExpand
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