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Improved Outcomes in Cleft Patients with Severe Maxillary Deficiency after Le Fort I Internal Distraction
Background: Correction of severe maxillary deficiency in cleft lip–cleft palate patients often results in undercorrection, relapse, and need for secondary corrective procedures. Le Fort I internalExpand
The K Stitch for Hypertelorbitism: Improved Soft Tissue Correction With Glabellar Width Reduction
After correction of moderate to severe hypertelorbitism (greater than 40 mm interdacryon distance) with facial bipartition or orbital box osteotomy, excess glabellar soft tissue and brow width shouldExpand
Genioplasty Distraction Osteogenesis and Hyoid Advancement for Correction of Upper Airway Obstruction in Patients with Treacher Collins and Nager Syndromes
Background: Treacher Collins and Nager syndromes may present with mandibular hypoplasia that causes posterior collapse of the tongue base and a decreased oropharyngeal airway. Mandibular distractionExpand
Patterns of maxillofacial injuries in powered watercraft collisions.
Because of the widespread popularity of water sports, plastic and reconstructive surgeons can expect to manage an increasing number of injuries associated with these activities, particularly thoseExpand
Abdominal Etching: Surgical Technique and Outcomes
Background: The ideal body is characterized by a muscular physique and defined anterior abdominal wall. Despite diet and exercise, many are unable to achieve this desired result. Liposuction withExpand
Improved Malar Projection with Transconjunctival Hydroxyapatite Granules
Background: Augmentation of the zygomatic body enhances appearance and provides a more youthful look. Porous hydroxyapatite granules offer an alternative to alloplastic implants. Methods:Expand
Caution in treating transsphenoidal encephalocele with concomitant moyamoya disease.
A basal encephalocele is a rare congenital malformation involving a cranial bone defect and cystic-like herniation through the defect. Moyamoya is a rare cerebrovascular disease of unclear etiologyExpand
Nasoorbitoethmoid (NOE) Fractures
Nasoorbitoethmoid (NOE) fractures comprise a relatively uncommon subset of facial injuries. Although the incidence of NOE fractures varies amongst authors, the occurrence is approximately 5 % inExpand
Autologous Fat Transfer to Buttocks
This chapter describes in detail the surgical steps involved in performing the Brazilian butt lift or autologous fat transfer to the buttocks. Buttock augmentation has been gaining increasingExpand