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National Security and National Development: A Critique
This paper examined the prominent role played by security of life and properties in the development of the society. Its primary focus is that security is the major determinant of development of anyExpand
An Attempt at a Logical Refutation of Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum
In the development of Greek philosophy, the focus of the ancient philosophers on realities, trying to determine the ultimate principle of all things, begs the question as to what part or extent ofExpand
Hans Jonas’ thought on the ethics of research on human subjects: implications for contemporary medical research in Nigeria
Jonas argues that modern medical researches and experimentations should be carried out on human subjects with the view that it is humans alone that can give the appropriate information for treatment of diseases that plague human beings. Expand
Thomas Aquinas´ thought on natural law: a new look at an old issue / O pensamento de Thomas de Aquino sobre o direito natural: um novo olhar sobre uma velha questão
Trabalho enviado em 08 de junho de 2016. Aceito em 27 de julho de 2016. DOI: 10.12957/rqi.2016.23153 Abstract This paper holds that St. Thomas Aquinas’ conception of natural law that was discussed inExpand
Richard Rorty’s Philosophy of Education and the Place of Culture in the Educational Development of Africa
The Africa of today is facing a multifaceted crisis, ranging from insecurity, poverty, and a restless feeling of apathy. Despite some laudable attempts made to curtail or eliminate theseExpand
Igala Ontology and Its Influence on Their Social Praxis
This paper argues that a people’s ontology determine their world-view which in turn is manifested in their outlook and attitudes towards life and existence. This view point is contrary to the popularExpand