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Nuclear ribosomal spacer regions in plant phylogenetics: problems and prospects
The nuclear ribosomal locus coding for the large subunit is represented in tandem arrays in the plant genome. These consecutive gene blocks, consisting of several regions, are widely applied in plantExpand
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Advances in plant gene-targeted and functional markers: a review
Public genomic databases have provided new directions for molecular marker development and initiated a shift in the types of PCR-based techniques commonly used in plant science. Alongside commonlyExpand
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Phylogeny of the Genus Cladonia s.lat. (Cladoniaceae, Ascomycetes) Inferred from Molecular, Morphological, and Chemical Data
Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Cladonia, including Cladina (Cladoniaceae, Lecanoromycetes), were reconstructed based upon simultaneous analyses of DNA sequences and morphological andExpand
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Multiple origins of symbioses between ascomycetes and bryophytes suggested by a five‐gene phylogeny
Numerous species of microscopic fungi inhabit mosses and hepatics. They are severely overlooked and their identity and nutritional strategies are mostly unknown. Most of these bryosymbiotic fungiExpand
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Culture experiments and DNA sequence data confirm the identity of Lobaria photomorphs
Lichens consist of a fungal component that associates with either a green alga or cynobacterium, resulting in diverse morphologies. Resynthesis experiments of isolated myco- and photobionts, as wellExpand
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Relationships of Scopulariopsis based on LSU rDNA sequences.
Relationships between Scopulariopsis species and allied fungi were studied by sequencing a 350 bp gene region of the large subunit ribosomal RNA gene (LSU rDNA). In addition, a limited morphologicalExpand
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Phylogeny of the Polytrichales (Bryophyta) based on simultaneous analysis of molecular and morphological data.
Phylogenetic analyses of Polytrichales were conducted using morphology and sequence data from the chloroplast genes rbcL and rps4 plus the trnL-F gene region, part of the mitochondrial nad5 and theExpand
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Organellar genomes of the four-toothed moss, Tetraphis pellucida
BackgroundMosses are the largest of the three extant clades of gametophyte-dominant land plants and remain poorly studied using comparative genomic methods. Major monophyletic moss lineages areExpand
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Phylogeny and taxonomy of the ‘manna lichens’
We present ataxonomic revision of the ‘manna lichens’ based on morphological, chemical, ecological and molecular data. A large number of herbarium specimens and fresh collections were examined.Expand
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