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Observation of unphosphorylated STAT3 core protein binding to target dsDNA by PEMSA and X‐ray crystallography
pSTAT3βtc and pSTAT3βtc bind by molecular sieving (View interaction)
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Investigation of the protein alkylation sites of the STAT3:STAT3 inhibitor Stattic by mass spectrometry.
STAT3 (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription factor 3) is constitutively active in a wide range of human tumours. Stattic is one of the first non-peptidic small molecules reported toExpand
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Targeting a c-MYC G-quadruplex DNA with a fragment library.
We report here on the screening of a fragment library against a G-quadruplex element in the human c-MYC promoter. The ten fragment hits had significant concordance between a biophysical assay, inExpand
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Molecular Dynamics Studies of the STAT3 Homodimer: DNA Complex: Relationships between STAT3 Mutations and Protein-DNA Recognition
Molecular dynamics simulations have been used to study the protein-DNA interactions of the activated STAT3 homodimer:DNA complex and the latent unphosphorylated STAT3 monomer . Expand
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The influence of positional isomerism on G-quadruplex binding and anti-proliferative activity of tetra-substituted naphthalene diimide compounds.
The synthesis together with biophysical and biological evaluation of a series of tetra-substituted naphthalene diimide (ND) compounds, are presented. These compounds are positional isomers of aExpand
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Development of a Sampler for Measurement of Gas Content in Soils
The problem of wave-induced liquefaction is an important feature in coastal and marine engineering, and is one of the main research topics in the European Union project Liquefaction around MarineExpand
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Small‐molecule G‐quadruplex interactions: Systematic exploration of conformational space using multiple molecular dynamics
G‐quadruplexes are higher‐order four‐stranded structures formed from repetitive guanine‐containing tracts in nucleic acids. They comprise a core of stacked guanine‐quartets linked by loops of lengthExpand
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Flexibility and structural conservation in a c-KIT G-quadruplex
A quadruplex sequence from the promoter region of the c-KIT gene forms a stable quadruplex, as characterized by crystallographic and NMR methods. Two new crystal structures are reported here,Expand
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Structure-Based Predictions of Activity Cliffs
In drug discovery, it is generally accepted that neighboring molecules in a given descriptor's space display similar activities. Expand
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The prenylated dioxopiperazine alkaloid Cristatin A has selective telomeric DNA G-quadruplex stabilising properties.
Cristatin A (1a/b), a prenylated dioxopiperazine alkaloid, has been shown to bind selectively to telomeric quadruplex DNA using a FRET-based DNA melting assay. Crucially, the molecule is moreExpand
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