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Nonaqueous phase liquid transport and cleanup: 1. Analysis of mechanisms
Groundwater contamination by nonaqueous liquids such as organic solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons frequently occurs as a result of surface spills, tank leaks, and improper disposal practices. ThisExpand
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Transport of colloidal contaminants in groundwater : radionuclide migration at the Nevada Test Site
Abstract Large-volume groundwater samples were collected at the Nevada Test Site from within a nuclear detonation cavity and from approximately 300 m outside the cavity. The samples were filtered andExpand
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Mass Transfer From Nonaqueous Phase Organic Liquids in Water-Saturated Porous Media.
Results of dissolution experiments with trapped nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) are modeled by a mass transfer analysis. The model represents the NAPL as isolated spheres that shrink withExpand
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Advantages to microbes of growth in permeable aggregates in marine systems1
Highly porous microbial aggregates occur in a variety of environments ranging from marine snow in oceans to floes in biological reactors. For permeable aggregates undergoing gravitational settling orExpand
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Hydrodynamic aspects of particle clogging in porous media.
  • D. C. Mays, J. Hunt
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Environmental science & technology
  • 15 January 2005
Data from 6 filtration studies, representing 43 experiments, are analyzed with a simplified version of the single-parameter O'Melia and Ali clogging model. The model parameter displays a systematicExpand
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Increasing productivity by matching farming system management and genotype in water-limited environments.
Improvements in water productivity and yield arise from interactions between varieties (G) and their management (M). Most G×M interactions considered by breeders and physiologists focus on in-cropExpand
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Dust resuspension without saltation.
  • G. Loosmore, J. Hunt
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Journal of geophysical research
  • 27 August 2000
Wind resuspension (or entrainment) provides a source of dust and contaminants for the atmosphere. Conventional wind erosion models parameterize dust resuspension flux with a threshold velocity orExpand
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Re-evaluating the contribution of summer fallow rain to wheat yield in southern Australia
In southern Australia, summer fallow rain (SFR) has not traditionally been valued for winter crop production. Modern, higher yielding farming practices combined with a decade of below-averageExpand
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Impacts of soil damage by grazing livestock on crop productivity
Abstract Soil damage by livestock on cropped land is a concern for mixed crop-livestock producers. The hypothesis that livestock-induced soil damage does not effect subsequent crop productivity wasExpand
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A nonlinear model for the fluidization of marine mud by waves
Rheological properties of marine mud are incorporated into a seawave-seabed interaction model. The model assumes that the viscoelastic properties of the mud are dependent on the wave-induced strainsExpand
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