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Filtered technetium-99m-sulfur colloid evaluated for lymphoscintigraphy.
Filtered 99mTc-SC showed a faster transport rate to the inguinal lymph nodes and lower radiation dosimetry for liver, spleen and whole body compared with 99mC-ATC, and can be easily prepared and is readily available for routine clinical use in lymphoscintigraphic studies.
Radiopharmaceutical-related pitfalls and artifacts.
The cause of some pharmaceutical related problems may not be easily recognized, and thus it is difficult to develop preventive and/or corrective plans for these cases.
Biodistribution and dosimetry of [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose labelled leukocytes in normal human subjects
Whole-body and organ dosimetry for 18F-FDG WBCs in doses of 225-250 MBq are comparable with reported results for conventional doses of 111In oxine labelled leukocytes, and positron emission tomography imaging performed after injection yielded good quality images of reticulo-endothelial uptake.
Comparison of various requirements of the quality assurance procedures for (18)F-FDG injection.
  • J. Hung
  • Medicine, Business
    Journal of nuclear medicine : official…
  • 1 November 2002
The purpose of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of each of the QA tests stated in the USP, CMC, and EP and to propose a practical testing method for each required test, thereby helping end users to ensure the quality of the (18)F-FDG injection product.
Comparative study of 99mTc-ECD and99mTc-HMPAO for peri-ictal SPECT: qualitative and quantitative analysis
99mTc-ECD compares favourably with unstabilised 99m Tc-HMPAO as a radiopharmaceutical for peri-ictal SPECT studies and results in earlier injections and less frequent postictal injections than unstabilisation 99mT c- HMPAO, thereby enhancing the sensitivity and the specificity of pero-ictAL SPECT for the localisation of intractable partial epilepsy.
Operational characteristics of (11)c-choline positron emission tomography/computerized tomography for prostate cancer with biochemical recurrence after initial treatment.
It is found that (11)C-choline positron emission tomography/computerized tomography substantially enhances the rate of prostate cancer lesion detection by approximately 32% beyond what can be garnered using conventional imaging techniques and at a lower prostate specific antigen value.
18F-FDG labelling of human leukocytes
The results indicate the feasibility of leukocyte labelling with 18F-FDG, providing an approach that may be useful in PET imaging of inflammation and infection.
Kinetic analysis of technetium-99m d,1-HM-PAO decomposition in aqueous media.
Of three methods used to analyze the purity of the 99mTc complexes, a single strip method using ether as the developing solvent was the most rapid and simple to perform.
A retrospective review and treatment paradigm of interventional therapies for patients suffering from intractable thoracic chest wall pain in the oncologic population.
A paradigm for the treatment of thoracic chest wall pain in the oncologic population is developed, depending on tumor location, which may lead to prolonged pain relief in this population.
Ultrasound‐Guided Serratus Plane Block for Treatment of Postmastectomy Pain Syndromes in Breast Cancer Patients: A Case Series
A case series of 8 patients who were successfully treated with serratus plane block for pain after treatment for breast cancer is presented, finding it relatively easy to perform and has good clinical utility for this type of pain.