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A hierarchical set of models for species response analysis
Variation in the abundance of species in space and/ or time can be caused by a wide range of underlying processes. Before such causes can be analysed we need simple math- ematical models which canExpand
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A group law on smooth real quartics having at least $3$ real branches
Soit C une courbe quartique reelle lisse dans P 2 , qui admet au moins trois branches reelles B 1 , B 2 , B 3 . On pose B = B 1 x B 2 x B 3 et soit O E B. On note τ O l'application de B sur laExpand
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Inversion and sensitivity analysis of GPR data with waveguide dispersion using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation
GPR data with waveguide dispersion are known to be very difficult to interpret using traditional inversion methods. Recently, an algorithm was developed that inverts dispersive GPR data usingExpand
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The Space of Unordered Real Line Arrangements
  • J. Huisman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Discret. Comput. Geom.
  • 2005
Abstract The set of all unordered real line arrangements of given degree in the real projective plane is known to have a natural semialgebraic structure. The nonreduced arrangements are singularExpand
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A comprehensive investigation has been carried out into the vertical relative motion of the water surface along the bow of a frigate running in a seaway. In particular, attention was focussed on theExpand
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An unramified real plane curve is a conic
Let n be a natural integer satisfying n ≥ 2. Let C be a smooth geometrically integral real algebraic curve in real projective space Pn [2]. For readers less familiar with the theory of schemes: C isExpand
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Heights on Abelian Varieties
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