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Tell me a make-believe story: Coherence and cohesion in young children's picture-elicited narratives.
The effects of 2 factors, previewing and inclusion of a problem-resolution structure, on children's ability to construct stories from picture sequences of familiar events were examined
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Scripts and episodes: The development of event memory
This article reviews recent research on how children organize general script knowledge and memories of specific episodes in memory. First, we discuss developmental issues concerning how childrenExpand
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Acquisition of spatial knowledge for routes
Configurational and route knowledge are contrasted in a learning experiment, in which subjects acquire spatial information either from a map or a slide presentation. Expand
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Repeated encounters of a similar kind: Effects of familiarity on children's autobiographic memory
There are a number of accounts in the literature of how general event knowledge can affect recall of specific episodes ( Linton, 1982 ; Neisser, 1981 ; Schank, 1983). Based on these accounts and onExpand
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As time goes by: Sixth graders remember a kindergarten experience
In this research we compared kindergarten children's immediate recall of a class field trip to a museum of archaeology on the same day of the trip to their recall 6 weeks later, 1 year later and 6Expand
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Gender differences in autobiographical memory: Developmental and methodological considerations
Abstract Gender differences have surfaced in inconsistent ways in autobiographical memory studies. When apparent, researchers find gender differences such that women report more vivid memoryExpand
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"Do You Know What We're Going to Do This Summer?": Mothers' Talk to Preschool Children About Future Events
Mothers engaged their 21/2- and 4-year-old children in conversations about novel and familiar past and future events. Analyses focused on (a) evidence for style differences in mothers' elicitation ofExpand
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