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On the dynamics of polynomial-like mappings
Applications de type polynomial. Familles analytiques de telles applications. Resultats negatifs. Familles a un parametre d'applications de degre 2. Petites copies de M dans M. Carrottes pour leExpand
Quadratic differentials and foliations
This paper concerns the interplay between the complex structure of a Riemann surface and the essentially Euclidean geometry induced by a quadratic differential. One aspect of this geometry is the "Expand
A proof of Thurston's topological characterization of rational functions
The criterion proved in this paper was stated by Thurston in November 1982. Thurston lectured on its proof on several occasions, notably at the NSF summer conference in Duluth, 1983, where one of theExpand
How to find all roots of complex polynomials by Newton’s method
Abstract.We investigate Newton’s method to find roots of polynomials of fixed degree d, appropriately normalized: we construct a finite set of points such that, for every root of every suchExpand
The iteration of cubic polynomials Part I: The global topology of parameter space
Fonctions univalentes en dynamique analytique complexe. Torsion de la structure complexe. Topologie globale de l'espace parametre
On the density of strebel differentials
w 1. Statement of the Main Result Let X be a compact Riemann surface of genus g > 2 and denote by O the sheaf of germs of holomorphic differential 1-forms on X. Let q~H~ ~| be a nonzero holomorphicExpand
Teichmüller Theory and Applications to Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics
This volume is the second of four volumes devoted to Teichmuller theory and its applications to geometry, topology, and dynamics. The first volume gave an introduction to Teichmuller theory. VolumesExpand
Hénon mappings in the complex domain I: The global topology of dynamical space
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