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Securing vehicular ad hoc networks
Vehicular networks are very likely to be deployed in the coming years and thus become the most relevant form of mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper, we address the security of these networks. WeExpand
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The security of vehicular ad hoc networks
Vehicular networks are likely to become the most relevant form of mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper, we address the security of these networks. We provide a detailed threat analysis and devise anExpand
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GPS-free positioning in mobile ad-hoc networks
We consider the problem of node positioning in ad-hoc networks. We propose a distributed, infrastructure-free positioning algorithm that does not rely on Global Positioning System (GPS). TheExpand
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Minimum-energy broadcast in all-wireless networks: NP-completeness and distribution issues
In all-wireless networks a crucial problem is to minimize energy consumption, as in most cases the nodes are battery-operated. We focus on the problem of power-optimal broadcast, for which it is wellExpand
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Quantifying Location Privacy
It is a well-known fact that the progress of personal communication devices leads to serious concerns about privacy in general, and location privacy in particular. As a response to these issues, aExpand
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Stimulating Cooperation in Self-Organizing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
In military and rescue applications of mobile ad hoc networks, all the nodes belong to the same authority; therefore, they are motivated to cooperate in order to support the basic functions of theExpand
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Joint mobility and routing for lifetime elongation in wireless sensor networks
  • Jun Luo, J. Hubaux
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE 24th Annual Joint Conference of…
  • 13 March 2005
Although many energy efficient/conserving routing protocols have been proposed for wireless sensor networks, the concentration of data traffic towards a small number of base stations remains a majorExpand
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The road to a successful introduction of vehicular communications has to pass through the analysis of potential security threats and the design of a robust security architecture able to cope withExpand
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Secure positioning in wireless networks
So far, the problem of positioning in wireless networks has been studied mainly in a nonadversarial setting. In this paper, we analyze the resistance of positioning techniques to position andExpand
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Self-Organized Public-Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
In contrast with conventional networks, mobile ad hoc networks usually do not provide online access to trusted authorities or to centralized servers, and they exhibit frequent partitioning due toExpand
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