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The sounds of Spanish
1. Introduction 2. Variation in Spanish pronunciation 3. Consonants and vowels 4. Acoustic characterization of the main classes of Spanish speech sounds 5. The syllable 6. Main phonological processesExpand
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Intonational variation in Spanish
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Consonant lenition and phonological recategorization
We examine the weakening of intervocalic voiceless stops in Spanish in order to gain insight on historical processes of intervocalic lenition. In our corpus, about a third of all tokens ofExpand
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Effects of prosodic and segmental context on /g/-lenition in Spanish
This paper reports on an acoustic experiment to investigate prosodic and segmental factors governing the degree of spirantization of intervocalic /g/ in Castilian Spanish. Significant variation inExpand
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Dialectal Differences in Spanish Voiced Obstruent Allophony: Costa Rican versus Iberian Spanish
In this paper we report on a large-scale acoustic investigation of /b d g/ in postconsonantal (after a liquid, sibilant or glide) and postvocalic contexts in Costa Rica Spanish, establishing a comparison with the variety of Madrid, Spain, which we take as representative of a variety with the general pattern of allophony. Expand
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Autosegmental and metrical spreading in the vowel-harmony systems of northwestern Spain
This paper studies the vowel-harmony processes found in the dialects of Asturias-Cantabria (Spain). These dialects present a variety of harmony systems. Harmonization may be triggered by certain highExpand
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A grammar of Basque
A grammar of the language of Basque, a pre-Indo-European language of western Europe. Expand
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Quasi-Phonemic Contrasts in Spanish *
The striking thing about phonology is that the infinit e phonetic variety in the utterances of any language can be reduced to a small i nventory of contrastive units or phonemes. The bad news is thatExpand
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Lenition and Phonemic Overlap in Rome Italian
We show acoustic evidence for an unusual phonemic contrast in Rome Italian. Expand
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