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An activity theory-based model for serious games analysis and conceptual design
There are currently a number of models, frameworks and methodologies for serious games analysis and design that provide useful interpretations of the possibilities and limitations offered by seriousExpand
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Scientometric analysis of the CHI proceedings
The CHI conference has grown rapidly over the last 26 years. We present a quantitative analysis on the countries and organizations that contribute to its success. Only 7.8 percent of the countriesExpand
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Candida antarctica lipase B chemically immobilized on epoxy-activated micro- and nanobeads: catalysts for polyester synthesis.
Candida antarctica Lipase B (CALB) was covalently immobilized onto epoxy-activated macroporous poly(methyl methacrylate) Amberzyme beads (235 microm particle size, 220 A pore size) and nanoparticlesExpand
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Aptamer-targeted magnetic nanospheres as a solid-phase extraction sorbent for determination of ochratoxin A in food samples.
A sorbent based on the aptamer for ochratoxin A was immobilized onto magnetic nanospheres (MNS) and used to develop a magnetic solid-phase extraction procedure to clean up food samples in conjunctionExpand
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Evaluation of polypropylene/polyolefin elastomer blends for potential recyclable HVDC cable insulation applications
This paper evaluates the microstructure and properties of polypropylene/polyolefin elastomer (PP/POE) blends for potential recyclable HVDC cable insulation applications. PP/POE blends with differentExpand
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Signal Transmission Analysis of Multilayer Graphene Nano-Ribbon (MLGNR) Interconnects
Signal transmission characteristics of some multilayer graphene nano-ribbon (MLGNR) interconnects are studied in this paper, with an equivalent single-conductor (ESC) model implemented for theExpand
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3D coseismic Displacement of 2010 Darfield, New Zealand earthquake estimated from multi-aperture InSAR and D-InSAR measurements
Differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar (D-InSAR) measures ground deformation only along the line-of-sight (LOS) of the radar, which limits the capability of D-InSAR in investigatingExpand
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Effects on Electronic Properties of Molecule Adsorption on CuO Surfaces and Nanowires
First-principles calculations were performed to study the stabilities, electronic structures, and chemical activities of various CuO surfaces for the understanding of the gas-induced change ofExpand
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Synthesis of biodegradable and electroactive multiblock polylactide and aniline pentamer copolymer for tissue engineering applications.
To obtain one biodegradable and electroactive polymer as the scaffold for tissue engineering, the multiblock copolymer PLAAP was designed and synthesized with the condensation polymerization ofExpand
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How to behave as Alice in Wonderland-about boredom and curiosity
In the context of cultural computing, we created a mixed reality environment that influences user affect and evokes predefined user behaviour. The theoretical challenge is applying persuasive designExpand
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