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Regeneration of banana (Musa spp. AAB cv. Dwarf Brazilian) via secondary somatic embryogenesis
Abstract. A method has been developed for the regeneration of the banana cultivar Dwarf Brazilian (Musa spp. AAB group). Primary somatic embryos were produced when explants of immature male flowerExpand
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Characterization of a virus infecting Citrus volkameriana with citrus leprosis-like symptoms.
A Citrus volkameriana tree displaying symptoms similar to citrus leprosis on its leaves and bark was found in Hawaii. Citrus leprosis virus C (CiLV-C)-specific detection assays, however, wereExpand
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Use of a Tissue Blotting Immunoassay to Examine the Distribution of Pineapple Closterovirus in Hawaii.
Specific monoclonal antibodies made to a pineapple closterovirus (PCV) were used in a tissue blotting immunoassay (TBIA) for the detection of PCV in pineapple. More than 2,000 samples were tested inExpand
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Diversity and Mealybug Transmissibility of Ampeloviruses in Pineapple.
Mealybug wilt of pineapple (MWP) is one of the most destructive diseases of pineapple (Ananas comosus) worldwide. At least one Ampelovirus species, Pineapple mealybug wilt associated virus-2Expand
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Transmission of Pineapple Mealybug Wilt-Associated Virus by Two Species of Mealybug (Dysmicoccus spp.).
ABSTRACT Closterovirus-like particles associated with mealybug wilt of pineapple were acquired and transmitted by the pink pineapple mealybug, Dysmicoccus brevipes, and the gray pineapple mealybug,Expand
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Genetic diversity and evidence for recent modular recombination in Hawaiian Citrus tristeza virus
Abstract The Hawaiian Islands are home to a widespread and diverse population of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV), an economically important pathogen of citrus. In this study, we quantified the geneticExpand
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Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus-1
Pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus-1 (PMWaV-1; family Closteroviridae, genus Ampelovirus) belongs to a complex of mealybug-transmissible viruses found in pineapple worldwide. In this study, theExpand
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The coat protein gene of grapevine leafroll associated closterovirus-3: cloning, nucleotide sequencing and expression in transgenic plants
SummaryA lambda ZAP II cDNA library was constructed by cloning cDNA prepared from a high molecular weight double-stranded RNA (dsRNA, ca. 18 kb) isolated from grapevine leafroll associatedExpand
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Systemic acquired resistance induced by BTH in papaya
Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in Carica papaya L. is induced by benzothiadiazole (BTH). The response is manifested by increased tolerance to infection by the virulent pathogen PhytophthoraExpand
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Genome organization and phylogenetic relationship of Pineapple mealybug wilt associated virus-3 with family Closteroviridae members
The nucleotide sequence of Pineapple mealybug wilt associated virus-3 (PMWaV-3) (Closteroviridae: Ampelovirus), spanning seven open reading frames (ORFs) and the untranslatable region of the 3′ endExpand
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