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The architecture of distributed storage system under mimic defense theory
Storage Architecture for Mimic Defense(SAMD) is put forward in this paper to solve the security risks of distributed storage system with dynamic heterogeneous redundancy. Expand
An Autonomous System Based Security Mechanism for Network Coding Applications in Content-Centric Networking
We propose an Autonomous Systems (AS-s) based security mechanism for Network Coding (NC) applications in CCN. Expand
MIN: Co-Governing Multi-Identifier Network Architecture and Its Prototype on Operator’s Network
This paper proposes a co-governing Multi-Identifier Network (MIN) architecture that constructs a network layer with parallel coexistence of multiple identifiers, including identity, content, geographic information, and IP address. Expand
Prototype and testing report of a multi-identifier system for reconfigurable network architecture under co-governing
We have proposed a reconfigurable multi-identifier network architecture and have developed a prototype of the multi-Identifier system. Expand
A Composite Structure for Fast Name Prefix Lookup
  • J. Hu, Hui Li
  • Computer Science
  • Front. ICT
  • 2 August 2019
We propose a composite data structure for random search based on the combination of hash table and trie; the latter is introduced preserve the logical associations among names, so as to recycle memory and prevent the so-called backtracking problem. Expand
Fast and Scalable Name Prefix Lookup with Hash Table
Named data networking (NDN) is a networking paradigm concentrating on the content itself rather than its endpoints. Expand