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Oral mucosal injury caused by mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors: emerging perspectives on pathobiology and impact on clinical practice
There remains a strategic need to define the pathobiology of mIAS, the molecular basis of pain, and risk prediction relative to development of the clinical lesion, which could lead to novel future interventions designed to more effectively prevent mIAS and improve pain management if clinically significant mIAS lesions develop. Expand
Nursing Implications of Chemotherapy Agents and Their Associated Side Effects in Patients With Pancreatic Cancer.
The current standard treatment options for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer have differences in efficacy and safety profiles, and nurses should educate themselves on these differences, particularly on associated adverse events and their management. Expand
[Potentiation of the effects of anxiolytics with magnesium salts].
It was revealed that the combination of anxiolytics and Mg-lactate leads to a more rapid reduction of psychopathological symptoms, in particular anxiety. Expand
[Clinical experience with treatment by piracetam in gerontopsychiatry (author's transl)].
Nursing Roles in Cardiac Safety: Romidepsin in Patients With T-Cell Lymphoma.
Data support the cardiac safety of romidepsin while cautioning about the need for nurses' vigilance regarding consistent electrolyte supplementation, appropriate antiemetic selection, and heart rate monitoring. Expand
[Modern possibilities of determining lithium in serum from its level in saliva].
[Pharmacotherapy of premature ejaculation in sexual intercourse].
[Drugs and sexual function (author's transl)].