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Building Manycore Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic Silicon Photonics
We present a new monolithic silicon photonics technology suited for integration with standard bulk CMOS processes, which reduces costs and improves opto-electrical coupling compared to previous approaches. Expand
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Photonic ADC: overcoming the bottleneck of electronic jitter.
In this work, the potential of the photonic approach is demonstrated by sampling a 41 GHz signal with record 7.0 ENOB with a discrete-component photonic ADC built from discrete components. Expand
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Comparative study of phonon‐limited mobility of two‐dimensional electrons in strained and unstrained Si metal–oxide–semiconductor field‐effect transistors
The phonon‐limited mobility of strained Si metal–oxide–semiconductor field‐effect transistors (MOSFETs) fabricated on a SiGe substrate is investigated through theoretical calculations includingExpand
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Building Many-Core Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic CMOS Silicon Photonics
We introduce a new monolithic silicon-photonic technology, which uses a standard bulk CMOS process to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, and explore the logical and physical implications of leveraging this technology in processor-to-memory networks. Expand
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Fabrication and analysis of deep submicron strained-Si n-MOSFET's
Deep submicron strained-Si n-MOSFETs were fabricated on strained Si/relaxed Si/sub 0.8/Ge/sub 0.2/ heterostructures. Epitaxial layer structures were designed to yield well-matched channel dopingExpand
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Continuous MOSFET performance increase with device scaling: The role of strain and channel material innovations
A simple model that links MOSFET performance, in the form of intrinsic switch delay, to effective carrier velocity in the channel is developed and fitted to historical data. Expand
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Strain dependence of the performance enhancement in strained-Si n-MOSFETs
The first measurements of the strain dependence of the electron mobility enhancement in n-MOSFETs employing tensilely-strained Si channels are reported. For pseudomorphic Si films grown onExpand
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Engineering the Electron–Hole Bilayer Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor
The electron-hole (EH) bilayer tunneling field-effect transistor promises to eliminate heavy-doping band tails enabling a smaller subthreshold swing voltage. Nevertheless, the electrostatics of aExpand
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Comparison of arsenic and phosphorus diffusion behavior in silicon-germanium alloys
The diffusion behavior of ion-implanted arsenic and phosphorus in relaxed Si0.8Ge0.2 has been investigated. Under equilibrium, extrinsic conditions, both dopants are observed to diffuse faster inExpand
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Silicon photonics for compact, energy-efficient interconnects [Invited]
Feature Issue on Nanoscale Integrated Photonics for Optical Networks The goal of the research program that we describe is to break the emerging performance wall in microprocessor development arising from limited bandwidth and density of on-chip interconnects and chip-to-chip interfaces. Expand
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