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Effect of dietary fat content on the site of fat absorption in hamster small intestine in vitro.
Abstract 1. 1. Everted sacs of small intestines from hamsters on a diet containing 2 or 20% fat were incubated during 1 h at 37° in a micellar solution of 2 mM [1-14C]oleic, acid (specific activity 4Expand
Clinical and biochemical changes following 131I therapy for hyperthyroidism in patients not pretreated with antithyroid drugs.
BACKGROUND Radioiodine therapy (131I) for the treatment of hyperthyroidism has been shown to be effective and safe. Despite the extensive experience with radioiodine therapy, the necessity forExpand
Carcinoma in hyperfunctioning thyroid nodule in recurrent hyperthyroidism
A patient with an invasive thyroid carcinoma located within a hot thyroid nodule is reported. Only four similar cases have been described in the literature. It is emphasized that a hot thyroid noduleExpand
Estimation of fat absorption from single fecal specimens using 131I-triolein and 75Se-triether. A study in rats with and without induced steatorrhea.
The simultaneous use of 131I-triolein and 75Se-triether, a nonabsorbable marker, in a single oral dose to estimate fat absorption from incomplete fecal collections was tested in rats with and withoutExpand
Technetium-99m carboxymethylcellulose: A newly developed fibre marker for gastric emptying studies
We report a study of technetium-99m-labelled carboxymethyl-cellulose (99mTc-CMC) as a newly developed non-digestible marker of the solid phase of gastric contents. The radiosynthesis is simple andExpand
Properties of glycerol-75Se-triether: A lipid-soluble marker for the estimation of intestinal fat absorption.
The properties of a 75Se-labeled glycerol triether were investigated in rat experiments designed to test this substance as a nonabsorbable marker for the assessment of intestinal fat absorption.Expand
Adverse reactions to technetium-99m methylene diphosphonate.
Reevaluation of triethers as markers for triglycerides during gastric emptying
The validity of using triethers as markers for triglycerides during gastric emptying was investigated. Rats were given a lipid mixture containing [75Se]triether plus [131I]triolein or [3H]trietherExpand