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Review of antimicrobial food packaging
Abstract Research and development of antimicrobial materials for food applications such as packaging and other food contact surfaces is expected to grow in the next decade with the advent of newExpand
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Polymer surface modification for the attachment of bioactive compounds
This paper reviews recent advances in the covalent attachment of bioactive compounds to functionalized polymer surfaces including relevant techniques in polymer surface modification such as wetExpand
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Potential genotoxicity of chronically elevated nitric oxide: a review.
Several human cancers are associated with chronic bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Nitric oxide, which is a short-lived free radical produced by many types of cells for a number ofExpand
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Modified atmosphere packaging.
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Food-packaging interactions influencing quality and safety.
  • J. Hotchkiss
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Food additives and contaminants
  • 6 June 1997
Interactions between foods and packaging can be detrimental to quality and/or safety. Changes in product flavour due to aroma sorption and the transfer of undesirable flavours from packaging to foodsExpand
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L‐Arginine‐Dependent Production of a Reactive Nitrogen Intermediate by Macrophages of a Uricotelic Species
L‐arginine‐dependent production of reactive nitrogen intermediates (RNIs: nitric oxide, nitrite, and nitrate) by mammalian macrophages has been proposed to occur via an L‐arginine oxidativeExpand
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Surface modification of poly(styrene) by the attachment of an antimicrobial peptide
Polymers that directly inhibit the growth of microorganisms at their surface are potentially useful. To investigate the feasibility of such materials, poly(styrene) (PS) resin beads that had hadExpand
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Addition of Carbon Dioxide to Dairy Products to Improve Quality: A Comprehensive Review
ABSTRACT: Changes in distribution patterns and demand for increased food quality have resulted in a desire to improve the shelf life of nonsterile dairy products. Refrigerated shelf life extensionExpand
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Anhydrides as antimycotic agents added to polyethylene films for food packaging
Incorporation of free acids or salts of antimycotic food additives, including propionic acid, benzoic acid or sorbic acid, into low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films failed to inhibit mould growthExpand
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Quality Comparison of Thermoprocessed Fishery Products in Cans and Retortable Pouches
The physical, chemical and sensory properties of rainbow trout, pollock and shrimp processed at equal lethalities in cans and retortable pouches were compared at certain storage periods. PouchedExpand
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