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An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis
1.Words and the World: Language and Reality. Philosophical Questions. Words and Things. Definition. Vagueness. Connotation. Ostensive Definition. Meaninglessness. 2.What Can We Know? Knowledge. WhatExpand
"VVuaT is it that renders two exactly similar material objects numerically different from one another? One possible answer to this question is that the two objects have different relationalExpand
Gravity Field and Structure of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, West Africa
Data are given for 73 gravity stations situated on land in the general area of the Niger delta, Nigeria, West Africa. This information is presented in the form of maps showing the location and heightExpand
Rock Magnetism and Polar Wandering
IT is now generally accepted that lava flows become permanently magnetized in the direction of the local geomagnetic field when they cool down through their Curie point1. Similarly, most sediments,Expand
Meaning and truth in the arts
Deep crustal structure of the northern North Sea Viking Graben: results from deep reflection seismic and gravity data
Abstract The combination of deep reflection seismic interpretation (NSDP 84 data set) and 3-D modelling of free-air gravity data resulted in a regional crustal model for the Viking Graben area. TheExpand
Late Weichselian Palaeomagnetic Reversal
AS part of the joint European work on the establishment of a world standard section for the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary, an oriented core 14.5 m long was taken with the Swedish foil piston corer inExpand
Salt tectonics in the Norwegian—Danish Basin
A study is presented of salt tectonics in a 28,000 km2 area in the Norwegian-Danish Basin of the North Sea. The basin is mainly of Permian to Early Jurassic age and contains sediments which locallyExpand
The Natural Permanent Magnetization of the Lower Basalts of Northern Ireland
Summary On cooling, lava flows become permanently magnetized in the direction of the local geomagnetic field, and studies of rock magnetism therefore allow the direction of the geomagnetic fieldExpand