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ALICE Technical Design Report of the Inner Tracking System (ITS)
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ALICE technical design report of the time-of-flight system (TOF)
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On perspective of security and privacy-preserving solutions in the internet of things
The Internet of Things (IoT) brings together a large variety of devices of different platforms, computational capacities and functionalities. Expand
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On the oscillations of neutrinos with Dirac and Majorana masses
Abstract Pontecorvo neutrino oscillations are discussed in the case of Dirac as well as Majorana neutrino mass terms. We prove that none of the possible experiments on neutrino oscillations includingExpand
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ALICE technical design report of the zero degree calorimeter (ZDC)
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Modeling the utilization of a multi-tenant band in 3GPP LTE system with Licensed Shared Access
We introduce a mathematical and a system model for the multi-tenant band within the 3GPP LTE cellular network. Expand
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Anisotropic admixture in color-superconducting quark matter.
The analysis of color-superconducting two-flavor deconfined quark matter at moderate densities is extended to include a particular spin-1 Cooper pairing of those quarks which do not participate inExpand
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Estimating climatological variability of solar energy production
Abstract A method is presented for estimating the climatological variability of yearly and monthly photovoltaic power production per 1 kWp of installed power. This quantity is computed for aExpand
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Feasibility characterization of cryptographic primitives for constrained (wearable) IoT devices
The Internet of Things (IoT) employs smart devices as its building blocks for developing a ubiquitous communication framework. Expand
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