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Ad Hoc Wireless Networking and Shared Computation for Autonomous Multirobot Systems
A wireless ad hoc network is introduced that enables inter-robot communication and shared computation among multiple robots with PC/104-based single board computers running the real-time application interface patched Linux operating system. Expand
Overview of the NPS Spacecraft Architecture and Technology Demonstration Satellite, NPSAT1
This paper describes the overall design of NPSAT1, a low-cost, technology demonstration satellite which hosts a number of experiments. The command and data handling (C&DH) subsystem is built onExpand
Pansat Functional Testing Software and Support Hardware
NPS-Solar Cell Array Tester
Naval Postgraduate School PANSAT: Lessons Learned
The Petite Amateur Navy Satellite (PANSAT) was launched aboard the STS-95 Discovery Shuttle on 29 October 1998. PANSAT was inserted into a circular, low-Earth orbit at an altitude of 550 km andExpand
Navy Education Through Amateur Satellite Development
AIAA Space Programs and Technologies Conference and Exhibit, September 21-23, 1993 / Huntsville, AL
System controller hardware and embedded software for the Petite Amateur Navy Satellite (PANSAT)
Abstract : This thesis documents the design of the hardware and embedded software of a digital computer that provides autonomous control of the PANSAT spacecraft. The system was designed for useExpand
The Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) Ground Station Network: An Overview and Look Ahead
The Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) ground station network is a Department of Defense-led effort to build common-use infrastructure supporting communications and mission operations of small satellites for a wide range of US government organizations, contractors, universities, and foreign partners. Expand