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Tana River Colobus and Mangabey
The numbers of both these highly endangered monkeys, found only on the Tana River in north-east Kenya, are down to about 2000, possibly fewer. The authors of this status and habitat survey describeExpand
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A Review of Duetting, Sociality and Speciation in Some African Barbets (Capitonidae)
-Our East African studies have focused on the sociality, duetting and intraand interspecific systematics of barbets (Capitonidae). The Afrotropical barbets include 14 duetting, social species and 22Expand
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Vocal displays and some interactions of Kenyan honeyguides (Indicatoridae) with barbets (Capitonidae). American Museum novitates ; no. 2684
In the course of studies of barbets in Kenya we were able to observe the behavior of five species of honeyguides: Prodotiscus (insignis) zambesiae, Indicator indicator, I. variegatus, I. minor, and aExpand
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Vocal behavior, morphology and hybridization of Australian spotted and yellow-rumped pardalotes (Aves, Pardalotus). American Museum novitates ; no. 2756
In the course of varied Australian field studies during 1979 and 1980 we were able to devote some effort to investigating the vocalizations and other behavior of the closely related, largelyExpand
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Wax-eating by African Common Bulbuls
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Summary We describe 12 visual and six acoustical displays of Black-collared Barbets, all associated with interactions of these sexually monomorphic barbets in greeting ceremonies and in antiphonalExpand
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