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A niched Pareto genetic algorithm for multiobjective optimization
We introduce the Niched Pareto GA as an algorithm for finding and maintaining a diverse "Pareto optimal population" on two artificial problems and an open problem in hydrosystems. Expand
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Massive Multimodality, Deception, and Genetic Algorithms
This paper considers the use of genetic algorithms GAs for the solution of problems that are both average sense misleading deceptive and massively multimodal An archetypical multimodAL deceptive problem here called a bipolar deceptive problem is de ned and two generalized constructions of such problems are reviewed. Expand
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Long Path Problems
We demonstrate the interesting, counter-intuitive result that simple paths to the global optimum can be so long that climbing the path is intractable. Expand
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Multicriterion decision making
We apply evolutionary computation (EC) to multicriterion decision making to search intractably large and complex spaces to meet multiple objectives. Expand
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Genetic Algorithm Difficulty and the Modality of Fitness Landscapes
We first examine the limits of modality by constructing unimodal functions and a maximally multimodal function. Expand
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The Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm 2 Applied to the Design of Groundwater Remediation Systems
We present an evolutionary approach to a difficult, multiobjective problem in groundwater quality management: how to pump-and-treat contaminated groundwater to remove the most contaminant at the least cost. Expand
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The Nature of Niching: Genetic Algorithms and the Evolution of Optimal
  • J. Horn
  • Biology, Computer Science
  • 1997
Genetic algorithms (GAs) with "fitness sharing" have been analyzed and successfully applied to problems in search and optimization, while GAs using various types of "resource sharing" are incorporated into classifiers, immune system models, artificial ecologies, artificial economies, etc. Expand
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Multi-objective optimal design of groundwater remediation systems: application of the niched Pareto genetic algorithm (NPGA)
Abstract A multiobjective optimization algorithm is applied to a groundwater quality management problem involving remediation by pump-and-treat (PAT). The multiobjective optimization framework usesExpand
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Implicit Niching in a Learning Classifier System: Nature's Way
We approach the difficult task of analyzing the complex behavior of even the simplest learning classifier system (LCS) by isolating one crucial subfunction in the LCS learning algorithm: covering through niching. Expand
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Multimodal Deceptive Functions
This pap er presents a static analysis of deception in multimodal funct ions. Expand
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