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Dynamic program slicing
In this paper, we investigate the concept of the dynamic slice consisting of all statements that actually affect the value of a variable occurrence for a given program input. Expand
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A study of effective regression testing in practice
The purpose of regression testing is to ensure that changes made to software, such as adding new features or modifying existing features, have not adversely affected features of the software that should not change. Expand
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Fault localization using execution slices and dataflow tests
We describe a tool which supports execution slicing and dicing based on test cases. Expand
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Incremental regression testing
This paper was published in the Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE Conference on Software Maintenance, Montreal, Canada, September 27{30, 1993. Expand
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Effect of test set minimization on fault detection effectiveness
We show that the code coverage attribute of a test set is more important than its size attribute in affecting the fault detection effectiveness of a randomly selected test set for program P. Expand
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Effect of Test Set Minimization on Fault Detection Effectiveness
Size and code coverage are important attributes of a set of tests. Expand
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An analytical approach to architecture-based software reliability prediction
We present an analytical approach to architecture-based software reliability prediction based on the information about the architecture and failure behavior of its components. Expand
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Test set size minimization and fault detection effectiveness: a case study in a space application
An important question in software testing is whether it is reasonable to apply coverage based criteria as a filter to reduce the size of a test set, while keeping block coverage constant, on the fault detection strength of the resulting minimized test set. Expand
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Quantifying the closeness between program components and features
Abstract One of the most important steps towards effective software maintenance of a large complicated system is to understand how program features are spread over the entire system and their interactions with program components. Expand
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A data flow coverage testing tool for C
  • J. Horgan, S. London
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  • [] Proceedings of the Second Symposium on…
  • 27 May 1992
ATAC (Automatic Test Analysis for C), a tool for data flow coverage testing of C programs. Expand
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