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Rotenone, Paraquat, and Parkinson’s Disease
PD was positively associated with two groups of pesticides defined by mechanisms implicated experimentally—those that impair mitochondrial function and those that increase oxidative stress—supporting a role for these mechanisms in PD pathophysiology. Expand
Health effects of chronic pesticide exposure: cancer and neurotoxicity.
The routes of pesticide exposures occurring today are described, the epidemiologic studies of pesticide-related carcinogenicity and neurotoxicity in adults are summarized, and links between the animal toxicology data and human health effects are evaluated. Expand
Use of agricultural pesticides and prostate cancer risk in the Agricultural Health Study cohort.
Use of chlorinated pesticides among applicators over 50 years of age and methyl bromide use were significantly associated with prostate cancer risk, and several other pesticides showed a significantly increased risk of prostate cancer among study subjects with a family history of prostatecancer but not among those with no family history. Expand
Reproducibility of urinary phthalate metabolites in first morning urine samples.
The results suggest that even with the short half-lives of phthalates, women's patterns of exposure may be sufficiently stable to assign an exposure level based on a single first morning void urine measurement. Expand
Cancer Incidence among Glyphosate-Exposed Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study
Glyphosate exposure was not associated with cancer incidence overall or with most of the cancer subtypes the authors studied, but there was a suggested association with multiple myeloma incidence that should be followed up as more cases occur in the AHS. Expand
Association of Pesticide Exposure with Neurologic Dysfunction and Disease
Major unresolved issues include the relative importance of acute and chronic exposure, the effect of moderate exposure in the absence of poisoning, and the relationship of pesticide-related neurotoxicity to neurodegenerative disease. Expand
Body-mass index and mortality among 1.46 million white adults.
In white adults, overweight and obesity (and possibly underweight) are associated with increased all-cause mortality and the hazard ratios for the men were similar. Expand
A quantitative approach for estimating exposure to pesticides in the Agricultural Health Study.
A quantitative method to estimate long-term chemical-specific pesticide exposures in a large prospective cohort study of more than 58000 pesticide applicators in North Carolina and Iowa found that the take-home questionnaire sub-cohort of applicators is representative of the entire cohort in terms of exposure. Expand
Pesticides and atopic and nonatopic asthma among farm women in the Agricultural Health Study.
It is suggested that pesticides may contribute to atopic asthma, but not nonatopic allergy, among farm women. Expand
Association between Class III Obesity (BMI of 40–59 kg/m2) and Mortality: A Pooled Analysis of 20 Prospective Studies
In a pooled analysis of 20 prospective studies, Cari Kitahara and colleagues find that class III obesity (BMI of 40–59) is associated with excess rates of total mortality, particularly due to heartExpand