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Soil Moisture Measurement for Ecological and Hydrological Watershed-Scale Observatories: A Review
At the watershed scale, soil moisture is the major control for rainfall–runoff response, especially where saturation excess runoff processes dominate. From the ecological point of view, the pools ofExpand
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On the value of soil moisture measurements in vadose zone hydrology: a review
[1] We explore and review the value of soil moisture measurements in vadose zone hydrology with a focus on the field and catchment scales. This review is motivated by the increasing ability toExpand
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Evaluation of urea-ammonium-nitrate fertigation with drip irrigation using numerical modeling
Abstract Microirrigation with fertigation provides an effective and cost-efficient way to supply water and nutrients to crops. However, less-than-optimum management of microirrigation systems mayExpand
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Two-dimensional modeling of nitrate leaching for various fertigation scenarios under micro-irrigation
The regular application of nitrogen fertilizers by irrigation is likely responsible for the increase in nitrate concentrations of groundwater in areas dominated by irrigated agriculture.Expand
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Frequency, electrical conductivity and temperature analysis of a low-cost capacitance soil moisture sensor
Summary This study evaluated the family of ECH 2 O sensors (EC-5 and ECH 2 O-TE) for measurement of soil moisture content ( θ ), bulk electrical conductivity ( EC b ) and temperature for a range ofExpand
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Determining soil carbon stock changes: Simple bulk density corrections fail
Abstract Several methods are used to correct total soil carbon data in response to land use or management changes inherently coupled with concomitant alteration to bulk density (BD). However, aExpand
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Soil and human security in the 21st century
Global soil resources under stress The future of humanity is intertwined with the future of Earth's soil resources. Soil provides for agriculture, improves water quality, and buffers greenhouse gasesExpand
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Soil Moisture Response to Snowmelt and Rainfall in a Sierra Nevada Mixed-Conifer Forest
Using data from a water-balance instrument cluster with spatially distributed sensors we determined the magnitude and within-catchment variability of components of the catchmentscale water balance,Expand
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Calibration of a two-dimensional root water uptake model
An LED arrangement comprising at least one LED, which receives an LED illumination voltage in accordance with a square-wave signal, wherein the brightness of the LED is dependent on the ambientExpand
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Water flow in soils
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