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Bringing the Members Back in?
Primary elections and membership ballots are becoming more common as a means of selecting candidates in European parties. This article assesses the likely implications of these changes for partyExpand
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Political Decentralization, Electoral Change and Party Organizational Adaptation
Electoral politics in the larger Western democracies seems to be becoming increasingly `denationalized': non-statewide political parties have grown in strength, and demands for decentralization haveExpand
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Party Matters
This article addresses the relationship between political decentralization and the organization of political parties in Great Britain and Spain, focusing on the Labour Party and the Socialist Party,Expand
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The World According to Geography Textbooks: Interpretations of the English National Curriculum
This article examines how the English Geography National Curriculum promotes the knowledge and understanding of places, and how its changing requirements have been reflected by geography textbooks.Expand
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The Business Firm Model of Party Organisation: Cases From Spain and Italy
Discussion of new forms of party organisation have largely focused on the ways in which institutionalised parties have adapted to pressures towards 'catch-all' or 'electoral- professional' behaviour.Expand
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Party Formation and Democratic Transition in Spain: The Creation and Collapse of the Union of the Democratic Centre
Acknowledgements Introduction Party Building and Party Collapse: A Framework for Analysis Party Formation Building an Organisation Party Crisis The Party Divides Party Collapse ConclusionsExpand
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The Problem with Party Finance
This article presents some theoretical contours for the study of party finance and its consequences. Two broad issues are explored. First, the article develops an account of changes in patterns ofExpand
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British Statewide Parties and Multilevel Politics
The article addresses how Britain's major statewide political parties—Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats—adapted to political devolution in Scotland and Wales. It explores partyExpand
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A ‘southern model’ of electoral mobilisation? Clientelism and electoral politics in Spain
It is often argued that clientelism is a key feature of electoral mobilisation in southern European democracies. This article examines the evidence for clientelism in the Spanish case, assessing theExpand
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