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Naturally-occurring beta-lactamase inhibitors with antibacterial activity.
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Tolerable limit of loudness: its clinical and physiological significance.
In the normal‐hearing subject, a sensation of unpleasant loudness is invariably associated with intensities of the order of 100 dB within the frequency range 500–4000 cps. This is referred to as theExpand
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ARI 1: beta-lactamase-mediated imipenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii.
A strain of Acinetobacter baumannii 6B92 isolated from the blood culture of a patient at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary i 1985 was found to be resistant to imipenem, all classes of cephalosporins andExpand
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A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from Streptomyces strain E225. I. Discovery, fermentation and anthelmintic activity.
A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics were produced by soil isolate, strain E225 which was shown to be a Streptomyces species. The antibiotics displayed anthelmintic activity againstExpand
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Some Recent Work on Auditory Adaptation and its Relationship to the Loudness Recruitment Phenomenon
In the course of previous investigations, Dix, Hallpike, and Hood have concluded that the phenomenon of loudness recruitment is attributable to disordered function resulting from injury or disease ofExpand
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Olivanic acids, a family of beta-lactam antibiotics with beta-lactamase inhibitory properties produced by Streptomyces species. II. Isolation and characterisation of the olivanic acids MM 4550, MM
The olivanic acids MM 4550, MM 13902 and MM 17880 are members of a new family of beta-lactam antibiotics. An isolation and purification process utilising ion-par extraction and ion-exchangeExpand
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Four further antibiotics related to olivanic acid produced by Streptomyces olivaceus: fermentation, isolation, characterisation and biosynthetic studies.
Four beta-lactam antibiotics with beta-lactamase inhibitory activity MM 22380, MM 22381, MM 22382 and MM 22383 containing the carbapenem nucleus have been isolated from a culture of StreptomycesExpand
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A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from Streptomyces strain E225. II. Isolation, characterization, structure elucidation and solution conformations.
A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics were isolated from the fermentation broth of a Streptomyces species designated E225. The structures of the four main metabolites VM 44857 (1), VM 44864 (2),Expand
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Traumatic pneumocephalus caused by stab wound to the neck.
An extensive review of the literature showed that trauma is the most common cause of pneumocephalus. Most often the trauma involves the frontoethmoidal or other air sinuses. Three types of injuriesExpand
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