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Facilitating spatial thinking in world geography using Web-based GIS
Abstract Advocates for geographic information system (GIS) education contend that learning about GIS promotes students’ spatial thinking. Empirical studies are still needed to elucidate the potentialExpand
Identifying Skill Requirements for GIS Positions: A Content Analysis of Job Advertisements
This study identifies the skill requirements for geographic information system (GIS) positions, including GIS analysts, programmers/developers/engineers, specialists, and technicians, through a content analysis of 946 GIS job advertisements. Expand
GIS In-Service Teacher Training Based on TPACK
Abstract This article introduces the geographic information systems (GIS) in-service teacher training, focusing on the intersection of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) forExpand
Promoting Teacher Adoption of GIS Using Teacher-Centered and Teacher-Friendly Design
This article reports the results of a case study that employed user-centered design to develop training tutorials for helping middle school social studies teachers use Web-based GIS in theirExpand
Social Studies Teachers’ Views of ICT Integration
  • J. Hong
  • Political Science
  • 30 April 2016
The role of teachers is significant for information and communication technology (ICT) integration, because t he use of ICT in the classroom depends on teachers’ attitudes towards the concept. InExpand
Effect of Learning GIS on Spatial Concept Understanding
Abstract Marsh et al.’s tests of appropriate spatial relationship concepts were administered to groups of college students to determine whether learning GIS enhances students’ overall ability toExpand
Training Social Studies Teachers to Develop Inquiry-Based GIS Lessons
Abstract This article introduces an approach to designing effective geographic information system (GIS) professional development (PD) based on six features: (1) collective participation, (2) practiceExpand
Number 3 Geospatial Teaching and Learning Article 7 July 2018 Critical Citizenship Education Through Geography
In a current globalized world, citizens are expected and encouraged to understand cultural diversity and respect individual differences. Furthermore, they are also expected to become responsibleExpand
Designing GIS learning materials for K–12 teachers
This article introduces a user-centred design (UCD) approach to design and develop GIS learning materials in collaboration with a group of teachers to assist teachers in learning about and implementing GIS effectively in their classrooms. Expand