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Pressure and prolapse--the cause of solitary rectal ulceration.
The cause of solitary rectal ulceration has been investigated using a method that radiologically visualises rectal voiding whilst simultaneously measuring intrarectal pressure and external analExpand
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Intestinal hypoperfusion contributes to gut barrier failure in severe acute pancreatitis
Intestinal barrier failure and subsequent bacterial translocation have been implicated in the development of organ dysfunction and septic complications associated with severe acute pancreatitis.Expand
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New method for the dynamic assessment of anorectal function in constipation
A new dynamic technique for the investigation of anorectal function has been developed. This involves radiological visualization of the rectum during voiding of a semisolid radio‐opaque contrastExpand
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Thermic effect of feeding carbohydrate, fat, protein and mixed meal in lean and obese subjects.
The thermic effect of 1.67 MJ (400 kcal) of carbohydrate (glucose), fat, protein and mixed meal were examined in 11 lean and 11 obese subjects by indirect calorimetry. The changes in metabolic rateExpand
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Serum Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Is an Early Marker of Pancreatic Necrosis in Acute Pancreatitis
Objective:To determine if 24-hour blood concentrations of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), soluble CD14, and CD163 receptors could predict complications associated with acuteExpand
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The effect of gastrointestinal malignancy on resting metabolic expenditure
It is unclear whether or not the presence of a malignancy causes an increased energy demand in the patient. As energy expenditure is normally related to body cell mass, it might be expected that anExpand
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Effect of the energy source on changes in energy expenditure and respiratory quotient during total parenteral nutrition.
It has been suggested that malnourished patients respond to glucose intake in excess of energy needs by a rise in respiratory quotient (RQ) above 1.0, indicating net fat synthesis. This wouldExpand
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Soluble CD14 receptor expression and monocyte heterogeneity but not the C-260T CD14 genotype are associated with severe acute pancreatitis
Objective:Soluble CD14 is derived from a membrane glycoprotein, and it enhances endothelial cytokine responses to lipopolysaccharide. We studied the role of soluble CD14 in the pathogenesis of theExpand
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The effects of 15 days of dosing with placebo, sufotidine 600 mg nocte or sufotidine 600 mg twice daily upon 24-hour intragastric acidity and 24-hour plasma gastrin.
The acid inhibitory effect of sufotidine, a potent, long-lasting, competitive H2-receptor antagonist, was studied in 12 healthy males in a double-blind, randomized, three-way cross-over study of theExpand
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Calculation of short-term changes in body fat from measurement of respiratory gas exchange.
A method is presented where the gain in body fat of patients receiving intravenous nutrition (IVN) may be computed using indirect calorimetry. When patients are administered their nutritionalExpand
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