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Kinematic features of unrestrained vertical arm movements
Unrestrained human arm trajectories between point targets have been investigated using a three-dimensional tracking apparatus, the Selspot system, and movement regions were discovered in which the hand paths were curved.
Dynamic interactions between limb segments during planar arm movement
The significance of the individual interaction forces during reaching movements in a horizontal plane involving only the shoulder and elbow joints has been assessed and trajectory formation strategies which simplify the dynamics computation are presented.
A Recursive Lagrangian Formulation of Maniputator Dynamics and a Comparative Study of Dynamics Formulation Complexity
  • J. Hollerbach
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and…
  • 1 November 1980
It is concluded that recursive formultions based either on the Lagrangian or Newton-Euler dynamics offer the best method of dynamns calculation.
Estimation of Inertial Parameters of Manipulator Loads and Links
The inertial parameters of manipulator rigid-body loads and links have been automatically estimated as a result of gen eral movement. The Newton-Euler equations have been recast to relate linearly
Time-varying stiffness of human elbow joint during cyclic voluntary movement
Overall, the moving arm was found to be very compliant, with a peak stiffness value less than the lowest value measured during posture, and a natural frequency of less than 3 Hz.
Redundancy resolution of manipulators through torque optimization
Methods for resolving kinematic redundancies of manipulators by the effect on joint torque are examined, and a whiplash action develops over time that thrusts the endpoint off the intended path, and extremely high torques are required to overcome these natural movement dynamics.
Dynamic Scaling of Manipulator Trajectories
A fundamental time-scaling property of manipulator dynamics has been identified that allows modification of movement speed without complete dynamics recalculation. By exploiting this property, it can
The Calibration Index and Taxonomy for Robot Kinematic Calibration Methods
A calibration index is in troduced, based on the mobility equation, that considers sensed and unsensed joints and single and multiple loops and ex presses the surplus of measurements over degrees of freedom at each pose.
A Roadmap for US Robotics - From Internet to Robotics 2020 Edition
The present document is a summary of the main societal opportunities identified, the associated challenges to deliver desired solutions and a presentation of efforts to be undertaken to ensure that US will be a leader in robotics both in terms of research innovation, adoption of the latest technology, and adoption of appropriate policy frameworks.