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Adaptation in natural and artificial systems
Name of founding work in the area. Adaptation is key to survival and evolution. Evolution implicitly optimizes organisims. AI wants to mimic biological optimization { Survival of the ttest {Expand
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Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems: An Introductory Analysis with Applications to Biology, Control, and Artificial Intelligence
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems is the book that initiated this field of study, presenting the theoretical foundations and exploring applications.From the Publisher: Genetic algorithms are playing an increasingly important role in studies of complex adaptive systems, ranging from adaptive agents in economic theory to the use of machine learning techniques in the design of complex devices such as aircraft turbines and integrated circuits. Expand
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Adaption in Natural and Adaptive Systems
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Asset Pricing Under Endogenous Expectation in an Artificial Stock Market
We propose a theory of asset pricing based on heterogeneous agents who continually adapt their expectations to the market that these expectations aggregatively create. And we explore the implicationsExpand
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Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity
  • J. Holland
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • 21 August 1995
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Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning
There is no a priori reason why machine learning must borrow from nature. Expand
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Induction: Processes of Inference, Learning, and Discovery
An integrated account that treats problem solving and induction in terms of rule-based mental models. Expand
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Studying Complex Adaptive Systems
  • J. Holland
  • Computer Science
  • J. Syst. Sci. Complex.
  • 1 March 2006
This paper suggests ways to modify research methods and tools, with an emphasis on the role of computer-based models, to increase our understanding of complex adaptive systems. Expand
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