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Determination of pressure gradient in mitral stenosis with a non-invasive ultrasound Doppler technique.
A 2 MHz continuous waveform non-invasive ultrasound doppler system has been used in the present investigation. With the aid of the audio signals of the frequency shifts, the ultrasound probe wasExpand
Sono-Elasticity: Medical Elasticity Images Derived from Ultrasound Signals in Mechanically Vibrated Targets
Cancers of the prostate have traditionally been detected by digital palpation which identifies increased stiffness (modulus of elasticity, hardness) of the abnormal tissue. Gray-scale ultrasound isExpand
Representations of rapidly oscillating structures on the Doppler display.
In cardiovascular applications of Doppler ultrasound, oscillating structures are at times within the sample volume of the transducer. When the period of oscillation is shorter than the time window ofExpand
Determination of effective orifice area in mitral stenosis from non-invasive ultrasound Doppler data and mitral flow rate.
Ten patients with mitral stenosis, but without mitral insufficiency, have been studied during cardiac catheterization. The mitral orifice blood velocities, the mitral pressure gradient, and theExpand
Carotid bifurcation disease: prediction of ulceration with B-mode US.
The presence of carotid ulceration was assessed by two readers for 55 B-mode ultrasound (US) studies. Intact surgical specimens were available for comparison. Ulceration was considered present if theExpand
Determination of pressure gradient in mitral stenosis with Doppler echocardiography.
The accuracy of a non-invasive ultrasound Doppler technique for the determination of the pressure gradient in mitral stenosis was evaluated in a study of 8 adult patients. Transseptal left atrialExpand
Evaluation of obstructive characteristics of mitral disc valve implants with ultrasound doppler techniques.
Ten adult patients with mitral disc valve implants have been examined on the catheterization table. Non-invasive ultrasound Doppler data, pulmonary artery wedge pressure and left ventricular pressureExpand
Is routine angiography necessary prior to carotid endarterectomy?
The records of 111 consecutive patients undergoing evaluation for possible carotid endarterectomy at the University of Rochester were reviewed. All patients had noninvasive evaluationExpand
An Ultrasound Doppler Technique for the Noninvasive Determination of the Pressure Gradient in the Bjork-Shiley Mitral Valve
SUMMARY The accuracy in determining the pressure gradient in the Bjork-Shiley mitral implant from noninvasive ultrasound Doppler data was explored in nine adult patients. Manometric and ultrasoundExpand
Determination of pressure gradient in the Hancock mitral valve from noninvasive ultrasound Doppler data.
The accuracy with which the pressure gradient in the Hancock mitral valve can be determined from noninvasive ultrasound Doppler data was explored in a study of eight adult patients. The meanExpand