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Fish Introductions in Europe with Particular Reference to its Central and Eastern Part
At least 134 exotic and/or translocated fish species belonging to 34 families which were introduced to 29 of 33 European countries are documented. These include 35 species of Cyprinidae (introducedExpand
Past and current status of sturgeons in the upper and middle Danube River
Of the six species of sturgeons native to the Danube basin, five occurred in the upper and middle Danube. Among anadromous sturgeons were the large winter races of beluga, Huso huso, RussianExpand
A New Species of Gymnocephalus (Pisces: Percidae) from the Danube, with Remarks on the Genus
The fish of Nha-Trang is known as Metrurus oreni because of its similarity to the fish of Java, which is also known as “Black-winged Pratincole” because of the similarity of its appearance to other fish of Asia. Expand
Fish in Reservoirs
In all reservoirs the fish fauna is recruited from their riverine antecedents. The nature of the riverine environment, created by its unstable hydrological regime, favours the evolution of generalistExpand
The Eurasian Huchen, Hucho hucho
The nature of fish communities: A factor influencing the fishery potential and yields of tropical lakes and reservoirs
The discrepancy between high primary production and poor fish yields in some tropical reservoirs, especially in Souht East Asia, is apparently due to the fact that not all available trophic levelsExpand