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Staging The Nation
Nations are more than geopolitical entities; they are discursive constructs—constructions of the character, the culture, and the historical trajectory of a people. Such constructions, by their veryExpand
Floods, Invaders, and Parasites: Immigration Threat Narratives and Right-Wing Populism in the USA, UK and Australia
In the last 20 years, industrialised Western nations have witnessed a marked increase in right-wing social movements and political parties. While the origins and agendas of these groups differ inExpand
The Social Significance of English Usage in Japan
English-derived vocabulary in Japan serves both referential and pragmatic functions. It is used to label the world and to shape it in particular ways. This paper examines the ways speakers in oneExpand
Gendered and racialised discourses of national identity in Baz Luhrmann's Australia
Abstract Nations are more than geopolitical bodies. They are, to quote Benedict Anderson, ‘imagined communities,’ constituted in part by cultural representations of national belonging, or discoursesExpand
Constructing the Global in Two Rural Communities in Australia and Japan
This article examines discursive constructions of the global in two rural communities, one in Australia and one in Japan. Based on an analysis of interviews with 195 Australians and Japanese, theExpand
Letters to the Editor in the "War on Terror": A Cross-National Study
This article analyzes discursive patterns in a cross-national sample of letters to the editor from the 12 months following the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Using theExpand
Gender, Ethnicity and National Identity in Australian and Japanese Television Advertisements
This article examines gendered and ethnicised discourses of national identity in Australian and Japanese television advertisements. Both content analysis and audience response research are used toExpand
The construction of gendered national identities in the television advertisements of Japan and Australia
This article examines the relationship between globalization and the construction of gendered national identities in Japanese and Australian television advertisements. The article analyses howExpand
‘What Then Happened To Our Eden?’: The Long History of Lozi Secessionism, 1890–2013
This article contributes to revisionist interpretations of Zambian history by exploring both the development of Lozi secessionism over the course of the twentieth century and its presentExpand
In March 2009, Professor Louise Richardson was inaugurated as the first ever female and the first Irish-born principal of St Andrews University. She is an American citizen by adoption, and St AndrewsExpand