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Biosemiotics: An Examination into the Signs of Life and the Life of Signs
Recent debates surrounding the teaching of biology divide participants into three camps based on how they explain the appearance of the human race: evolution, creationism, or intelligent design.Expand
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Code-duality and the semiotics of nature
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Surfaces inside surfaces. On the origin of agency and life
  • J. Hoffmeyer
  • Computer Science, Psychology
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  • 1998
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Signs Of Meaning In The Universe
Foreword 1. Signifying On lumps in nothingness, on "not" 2. Forgetting On history and codes: the dialectic of oblivion 3. Repeating On Nature's tendency to acquire habits 4. Inventing On life andExpand
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Semiotic Scaffolding Of Living Systems
The apparently purposeful nature of living systems is obtained through a sophisticated network of semiotic controls whereby biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes become tuned to the needs of the system. Expand
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A Legacy for Living Systems: Gregory Bateson as Precursor to Biosemiotics
Gregory Bateson s contribution to 20th century thinking has appealed to scholars from a wide range of fields dealing in one way or another with aspects of communication and epistemology. A number ofExpand
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From language to nature: The semiotic metaphor in biology
The teleonomic character of living systems continues to challenge the conception of life prevailing among biologists. No matter how forcefully vitalistic or finalistic explanations have been defeatedExpand
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Theses on Biosemiotics: Prolegomena to a Theoretical Biology
Theses on the semiotic study of life as presented here provide a collectively formulated set of statements on what biology needs to be focused on in order to describe life as a process based onExpand
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A Legacy for Living Systems
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Life and reference.
The paper recommends a broadening of Howard Pattee's seminal distinction between a dynamic and a linguistic mode of living systems. Expand
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